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At Fossil Creek Chiropractic, we know that while pregnancy can be one of the most joyous experiences of your life, pregnancy can also be one of the most uncomfortable experiences. Dr. Scott Morrison, D.C., and Dr. Jessica M. Christopherson, D.C., are prenatal chiropractors who specialize in helping pregnant women adjust to rapid physical changes during pregnancy. We offer a range of prenatal chiropractic techniques that can relieve common pregnancy issues—including pressure in the hips and pelvis, low back pain, mid-back pain, and sciatica—as well as aid in easier delivery. With adjustable chiropractic tables to accommodate your growing belly, onsite prenatal massage, and prenatal chiropractic techniques to best address your concerns, Fossil Creek Chiropractic is the prenatal chiropractic destination for pregnant women in Fort Collins.

Why Choose Us

      • Fossil Creek Chiropractic offers adjustable tables and a range of prenatal chiropractic techniques to accommodate pregnant women.
      • Our prenatal chiropractors are certified in the Webster Technique, which focuses on the pelvis and ligaments to improve SI joint dysfunction and sacral subluxation.
      • Chiropractic care for pregnant women has been shown to relieve pressure, pain, and discomfort while leading to safer, easier childbirth.
      • Fossil Creek Chiropractic offers onsite prenatal massage to complement chiropractic care.

Why Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women experience many physical changes, which can affect your body over a short period of time. Chiropractic care can help your body more easily adapt to these rapid changes, minimizing muscle pain and discomfort due to pregnancy. Our chiropractors are certified in the Webster Technique, which improves sacral subluxation and SI joint dysfunction—common issues affecting pregnant women—by focusing on the pelvis and ligaments.

With prenatal chiropractic care at Fossil Creek Chiropractic, we can alleviate common complaints during pregnancy, including hip pressure, low back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, mid back pain, and discomfort while sitting, sleeping, walking, and more. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy has also been shown to lead to easier, safer childbirth. We offer Fort Collins prenatal care that adapts to your pregnancy needs as we provide a range of prenatal chiropractic techniques and chiropractic tables with adjustable segments to allow for more room for the growing belly. Fossil Creek Chiropractic in Fort Collins also offers an onsite massage therapist for prenatal massage.

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Pregnant women can sleep better, feel better, and have easier deliveries with prenatal chiropractic care at Fossil Creek Chiropractic.
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