Fort Collins Wellness & Functional Nutrition

At Fossil Creek Chiropractic in Fort Collins, we believe in providing expert chiropractic care coupled with natural wellness and nutritional guidance to help you establish healthy habits for a lifetime. As part of our whole-body wellness approach to chiropractic care, Fossil Creek Chiropractic offers applied kinesiology (AK) and functional nutrition for all ages, from children to seniors.

Fossil Creek Chiropractic’s Dr. Scott Morrison, D.C., is certified in applied kinesiology, which assesses your body’s energetic, chemical, and structural function through non-invasive manual muscle testing and conventional diagnostic methods, including metabolic assessment forms and neurological assessment forms. A whole-body approach to wellness, applied kinesiology relates organ dysfunction to muscle weakness. By properly identifying the root causes of your ailments, Fossil Creek Chiropractic can then recommend a range of modalities to treat your current structural, chemical, and energetic issues and prevent future health obstacles.

Why Choose Us for Your Fort Collins Wellness Plan?

  • Fossil Creek Chiropractic offers applied kinesiology, functional nutrition, and a variety of modalities to promote whole-body wellness.
  • Our nutritional support can improve energy, digestion, sleep, and overall wellness.
  • Functional nutrition has been shown to improve current chemical, energetic, and structural issues while helping minimize the risk of future health conditions.
  • Fossil Creek Chiropractic offers a range of nutritional supplements and wellness products for children and adults.

Why Should You Consider Functional Nutrition?

Based on your personalized evaluation, Fossil Creek Chiropractic may recommend a variety of modalities, including myofascial release and joint manipulation, alongside a tailored functional nutrition plan. Functional nutrition pinpoints how foods affect your wellness on the cellular level, impacting how you feel and perform. At Fossil Creek Chiropractic, we dissect your body’s tolerances and intolerances to foods. We identify what nutrients are key to boosting your immunity and wellness and which foods are poisoning your health. We then work with you to create an individualized nutrition plan that will help you improve your overall wellness. From illness prevention to sustained energy, better sleep to improved digestion, Fossil Creek Chiropractic’s functional nutrition services can help you live life to the fullest.

Fossil Creek Chiropractic in Fort Collins also offers a variety of nutritional supplements to help you restore and maintain vital nutrients in your body. Gut flora restorative and repairing supplements may be recommended to improve gut (digestive) health, and metabolic cleanses can rid your body of toxins and help you restore balance. Fossil Creek Chiropractic offers Apex Energetics, Metagenics, Nutri-west®, Thorne Research, Progena, and DoTerra Oils, as well as other nutritional supplements and wellness products. We offer a variety of children’s nutritional supplements and wellness products as well. Come visit us for your next Fort Collins wellness plan.

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Get Your Nutrition on the Right Track

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