Fort Collins Sports Physical

Save time and keep your young athlete healthy with a sports physical at Fossil Creek Chiropractic in Fort Collins. Our chiropractors—Dr. Scott Morrison, D.C., and Dr. Jessica M. Christopherson, D.C.—know how important health and safety are for sports participation as they both enjoy being active and have two sons who participate in soccer and flag football. We help ensure that your young athlete enters the sports season healthy and ready for action.

At Fossil Creek Chiropractic, our sports physical (also known as pre-participation physical evaluations or PPE) include a complete physical exam, medical history, and recommendations for keeping your young athlete safe and healthy all season long. Colorado is one of only a handful of states that allows licensed chiropractors to perform sports and school physicals. By getting a preparticipation physical evaluation at Fossil Creek Chiropractic in Fort Collins, athletes not only receive a thorough physical evaluation, but also benefit from Fossil Creek Chiropractic’s whole-body approach to wellness, including nutritional advice and injury prevention tips.

Why Choose Us

  • Fossil Creek Chiropractic’s sports physical can be scheduled in advance, saving you time.
  • We understand the importance of being healthy and safe for sports participation as our chiropractors are active, healthy athletes.
  • Fill out a medical health history form in advance to reduce the appointment time.
  • We provide nutritional advice and injury prevention tips alongside a thorough sports physical.
  • No lines! Plus our sports physicals are private so your young athlete can be spared awkward, embarrassing moments.

Why Should You Schedule Your Young Athlete’s Sports Physical at Fossil Creek Chiropractic?

Sports physical (also known as preparticipation physical evaluations, PPE, or sports screenings) is required of the majority of middle school, high school, and college athletes in Colorado prior to their participation in a sport. Sports physical help determine whether an athlete is healthy for training and competition.

The sports physical evaluation, which includes a robust health history as well as a comprehensive physical exam, typically takes 30 minutes. Unique to Fossil Creek Chiropractic is our personalized approach to sports physicals and preparticipation physical evaluations. We schedule private sports physicals with each young athlete, meeting with each athlete one-on-one to talk about health history, health concerns, training concerns, athletic goals, and risk of injury. We stress the importance of nutrition as a key to athletic training and work with young athletes to help them eat healthy and prepare for competition. We also recommend measures to avoid over-training injuries. At Fossil Creek Chiropractic, we enjoy helping middle school athletes, high school athletes, and college athletes reach their full athletic potential.

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Schedule Your Child's Sports Physical

Save time by downloading, printing, and completing the preparticipation physical evaluation history form before your child’s visit.
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